WHAT IF? in Manhattan Beach

Event Held November 5, 2016  •  Mira Costa High School

It’s about possibility. It’s about courage. It’s about chance. It’s about one simple question that advances, creates, ignites. Meet 14 people who will surprise, delight, educate, and open our eyes to what is possible when we ask, “What if?…”


2016 Talks

Eduardo Briceño

When Performing Gets in the Way of Improving

Working hard but not improving? Looking for more innovative solutions and ideas? You are not alone. Eduardo explains how in life we move between the performing zone and the learning zone, and unless we find a way to successfully spend time in both zones, we compromise improvement and innovation.

Wendy Troxel

Sleepy Teens – A Public Health Epidemic

Sleep deprivation – What most parents, teachers, and school administrators think of as just part of being a teenager, Rand Corporation sleep scientist Wendy Troxel labels loss of teen sleep a public health epidemic. Not a function of being social or participating in social media, Wendy believes sleep loss is mostly due to school start times – a matter of public policy.

Per Håkansson

Finding Humanity in The Cloud

What started out as a challenge to live in The Cloud, became a bigger search to answer some of life’s biggest questions. What is a home? What are relationships? What is work? Join Per as he shares his unconventional journey from technology to humanity.

William Santana Li

What If a Robot Could Save Your Life?

This isn’t a movie. Robots, or Autonomous Data Machines (ADM), as William affectionately refers to them, are available today acting as around the clock security guards. Believing everyone has the right to live in a safe environment, William Santana Li believes the effectiveness and scalability of ADM’s will revolutionize the security industry, reducing crime, and reducing crime’s $1 trillion dollar negative impact on the U.S. economy.

Kyle Hill

Why We Will Spend Less Time in Hospitals Than Our Parents

In this talk about the future of home health care, Kyle Hill shares technological advances that will allow people to age in the comfort of their own home.

Ken Dolin

The Tao of Portraits

Ken Dolin is a portrait photographer who sees parallels between portraiture and life. Believing “you are enough”, Ken urges us all to take off our masks when we are being photographed and in real life.

Gene Yang

Why Comics Belong in the Classroom

In this humorous talk, former teacher and graphic novelist Gene Yang shares some unexpected insights and urges educators to bring comic books into the classroom.

Belisa Vranich

How to Breathe

Breathing – so essential to life, and yet most of us are doing it wrong! Dr. Belisa Vranich, psychologist and breathing expert, shares some surprising information about breathing and teaches us all how to do it right.

Anita Sanchez

Humanity’s Hope: Connecting People, Earth, and Spirit

Using the learning from her Native American heritage, Anita’s storytelling beseeches us to adopt a new view of our planet and to do away with the illusion that we are somehow separate from the earth. She challenges us to seek out and honor the inter-connectedness between people earth and spirit.

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