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November 4, 2017 • Mira Costa High School


2017 TALKS

Mental Illness: It’s Normal

Emily Angstreich

In her brave, poignant, and sometimes humorous talk, Emily shares that it is time to end the stigma around mental health and support those with mental illness.

180 Days: Ode to My Students

Gregor Trpin

In a dramatic, poetic performance, english teacher Gregor Trpin challenges the status quo. Believing a multitude of pressures facing today’s students prevent learning in the classroom, Gregor believes the answer to improved learning lies in being sensitive to how his students are feeling and balancing curriculum with his students’ emotional wellness needs.

RISE High: Keeping Homeless and Foster Youth in School

Kari Croft

All kids deserve an education. Homeless and foster youth just need a little more support says Kari Croft. In her emotional and persuasive talk, Kari makes the case that homeless and foster youth have the capability to learn and excel in school and create a meaningful future for themselves if given the chance. Kari’s idea: RISE High, a new model that addresses the issues that take homeless and foster youth out of school so they can stay in school and thrive.

Your Next Boss Could Be a Software Program

Devin Fidler

In his provocative talk, Devin Fidler gives us a preview of how artificial intelligence and machine learning are likely to disrupt our traditional view of jobs, bosses, and companies, as well as change the way we deal with big problems such as poverty, hunger, and climate disasters.

Choose to Laugh – It’s Good for You

Sebastian Gendry

Sebastian doesn’t claim to be funny but he does make people laugh. In his novel and interactive talk, Sebastian talks about the benefits of choosing to laugh and leads the audience in some fun exercises designed to spark laughter and make us feel better.

Teens Experience Ageism Too

Amelia Conway

Amelia believes when what we can or can’t do is determined by our age, we are limiting ourselves and our society. At the young age of 11, Amelia started directing commercials, short films, and documentaries. 4 years later, she reflects on defying ageism, how she has benefited, and her hopes for the future.

Making AI Fair

Osonde Osoba

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) becomes more pervasive in our lives, we need to make sure that the decisions made by AI reflect the value system of our society, including one of the most coveted values, fairness. To eliminate the current bias and unfairness in AI systems today, Osonde believes we need to look back to the history of AI when social scientists worked along side software engineers.

Exosomes: Nanoparticles Redefining the Future of Curing and Managing Disease

Shivani Sharma

Shivani Sharma believes exosomes – tiny nanoparticles in our bodies – may offer a new path to curing and managing disease. While first discovered in the 1980’s, Shivani’s breakthrough method of studying exosomes using the Atomic Force Microscope, offers scientists the ability to comprehensively study these fragile but powerful particles. A new frontier in microbiology, Shivani and other nano scientists are just beginning to understand the important role of exosomes in our body.

Twins: A Window into Human Nature

Nancy Segal

Twins tell us about our humanity – who we are and where we came from, says Nancy Segal. In her fascinating and entertaining talk, we learn that genes play a much bigger role in our decisions and behavior than scientists previously believed.

Change Your Annual Checkup to a “Check In” and Live Longer

Dr. Myles Spar

Weight loss, blood sugar, cholesterol are health issues our doctors want us to address, but too often we just aren’t motivated enough to cut out, change, or add needed diets and exercise for better health. Myles Spar believes we need to actively use our health as a tool towards fulfilling goals and our purpose in life. Purpose-driven health, as Myles shares, begins with one simple question: “What do you want your health for?”

Accidental Innovator

Cari Ugent

In her poignant talk, Cari Ugent shares her personal battle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma to remind us that despite our life’s circumstances, we still have the freedom to choose our attitude. It was her belief in her future self that gave her life new meaning to battle her cancer and, interestingly, become an innovator.

Original Composition: Hurricane


In her performance, MINDIA performs an original composition, “Hurricane.” A singer-songwriter-cellist, MINDIA sings and plays the cello simultaneously. MINDIA brings a new kind of alternative pop sentimentality and “Hurricane’s” intricate sound design paints a poetic, romantic picture and captivates listeners’ hearts and minds.

Finding Our Authentic Self with the Help of Horses

Dr. Vallerie Coleman

Vallerie Coleman reveals how automatic, thoughtless responses to commonplace social greetings can create distance from our authentic self and from others. With the help of horses, Vallerie shows us that our authentic self is always with us.

Restore Your Brain with Nature

David Strayer

For the past 10 years Professor David Strayer has been researching brain-based measures of cognitive restoration. In his informative, researched-based talk, David shares his findings that spending time in nature – without digital devices – allows the brain to rest and restore.

Impossible Architectures: 4D Printed Spacecraft

Raul Polit-Casillas

Much of the material used to build a space craft is structurally necessary to survive launch but once in space, these structures are no longer needed. Space architect Raul Polit-Casillas pushes the limits of what’s currently impossible with 4D printing – printing an entire space craft at one time – no assembly required – and incorporating multiple functions that are useful beyond launch.

Can Space Exploration Bring Out the Best in Us?

Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides

Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides wants to use the brilliance and power behind space exploration to build more than just spaceships. She wants to build a better future for humanity. In her inspiring talk, Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides shares a program she has created for Virgin Galactic space engineers called, “The New Right Stuff,” an introspective character course that challenges participants to hold themselves to a higher bar. Loretta believes this kind of training can make us better human beings in space and on earth.

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