What If?

November 5, 2016

Join us on November 5th at Mira Costa High School for a day of inspirational and informative talks from speakers who dare to ask, “What if?” Join our email list to stay informed about our event and ticket availability announcements. Tickets go on sale in the early fall.

Check out some of our favorite talks!

Pooja Nagpal – How One Teen Said No To Gender-Based Violence
Eduardo Briceno – The Power of belief — mindset and succeses

Randy Palisoc – Math Isn’t Hard, It’s a Language
Patricia Galloway – Are Engineers Human?

Nidhi Kalra – What if? The key to making good decisions
Skip Rizzo – Virtual Reality Goes To War

Teo Alfero – When Wolves and Human Meet…Again
Julia Greer – Nanotechnology: When Less is More

Suzanna Guzmán – Finding Happy
Court Crandall – Learn To Be Happy

Andrew Sokatch – Teaching Character: The Other Half of the Picture
Julia Horwitz – Spitting Out The Art in Your Mouth

Danny Zuker – Producer, Writer Modern Family
Gautam Ramdurai – Google Engineer

Brent Bushnell + Eric Gradman – Two Bit Circus
David Benoit- My Unconventional Journey to Successe