First Social Event Was Fun!!

Last night 25 TEDxsters enjoyed beer, wine and dinner under the stars and then went inside to watch two TED Talks. After the TED Talks the conversation continued as we finished off the last of the food and drink.

If you missed the fun you can watch the TED Talk that we watched.

The second TED Talk was by Rob Hopkins of the Transition Network. This is a summary from their website about the work they are doing:

What exactly is a Transition Town?

A Transition Initiative (which could be a town, village, university or island etc) is a community-led response to the pressures of climate change, fossil fuel depletion and increasingly, economic contraction. There are thousands of initiatives around the world starting their journey to answer this crucial question:

“for all those aspects of life that this community needs in order to sustain itself and thrive, how do we significantly rebuild resilience (to mitigate the effects of Peak Oil and economic contraction) and drastically reduce carbon emissions (to mitigate the effects of Climate Change)?”

The community self-organises to respond in four phases.

First, the small initiating group starts a programme of awareness raising and hooking up with existing groups. They articulate the rationale for adopting/adapting a transition approach and show the creative responses that the community might embark upon.

Second, as the group becomes larger, it self-organises in groups in all the key areas such as food, transport, energy, housing, education, textiles etc, and creates practical projects in response to that big question (such as community supported agriculture, car clubs, local currencies, neighbourhood carbon reduction clubs, urban orchards, reskilling classes). Most Transition Initiatives are in this phase.

Third, when the initiative is sufficiently competent with these concepts and practices, it embarks on an EDAP (Energy Descent Action Plan) process. This is a community-visioned and community-designed 15-20 year plan that creates a coordinated range of projects in all these key areas, with the aim of bringing the community to a sufficiently resilient and low CO2-emitting state. A very small handful of Transition Initiatives have embarked on this phase.

Fourth, they begin implementing the EDAP, sharing successes and failures with other Transition Initiatives that are travelling the same path. As of March 2010, no initiative has embarked on this phase.

After the second talk we had a brief Q & A session with Dan Wang from Transtion South Bay LA where he answered questions about the Transition Network and the work that is being done in Los Angeles.

We hope to see everyone next month and thank you to all the volunteers that helped Scott Bell, Randy Leaf, John Marston, Dei Murray, Pam Nicholson, Steve Nicholson, Ricardo Solar and Paul Stromgren.

Finally thank you to Dei Murray and the Hawthorn Suites for allowing us to use your hotel for our meeting.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

This year Jamie Oliver won the TED Prize. The TED Prize is awarded annually to an exceptional individual who receives $100,000 and, much more important, “One Wish to Change the World.” Designed to leverage the TED community’s exceptional array of talent and resources, the Prize leads to collaborative initiatives with far-reaching impact.

Jamie Oliver’s Wish

“I wish for your help to create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.”

The Talk

The Plan

Set up an organization to create a popular movement that will inspire people to change the way they eat. The movement will do this by establishing a network of community kitchens; launching a travelling food theater that will teach kids practical food and cooking skills in an entertaining way and provide basic training for parents and professionals; and bringing millions of people together through an online community to drive the fight against obesity. The grassroots movement must also challenge corporate America to support meaningful programs that will change the culture of junk food.

The Needs

  • Help to establish the organization, with funding, office space and facilities.
  • Find partners to equip and run the community kitchens, and food suppliers to provide the fresh ingredients.
  • A partner to build and maintain a fleet of food theatre trucks.
  • Education experts, graphic designers, artists and writers to develop and produce creative, fun teaching materials.
  • Communications experts to create messaging for the movement.
  • Web designers and developers to create and build the website.
  • Establishment of a food line that generates a sustainable income for the movement.
  • Corporate partners to invest in cooking and food education for their customers and champion honest food labelling.
  • Your names added to the petition to challenge our leaders to make change now:

About Jamie:

“Every child should be taught to cook in school, not just talk about nutrition all day. Good food can be made in 15 minutes. This could be the first generation where the kids teach the parents.” – Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver is transforming the way we feed our children, and ourselves.

Jamie Oliver has been drawn to the restaurant kitchen since he was seven or eight. First working in his father’s pub-restaurant and then training in England and France, he not only displayed incredible culinary talent, but also a passion for creating fresh, honest and delicious food. Although he is now one of the world’s top celebrity chefs, his commitment to simple, unpretentious food remains, and with it, his drive to break people’s unhealthy eating habits and get them cooking again.

With the obesity epidemic growing globally, Oliver is using his notoriety to bring attention to the changes Englanders and now Americans need to make in their lifestyles and diet. Campaigns such as School Dinners, Ministry of Food and Food Revolution USA combine Oliver’s culinary tools, cookbooks and television with more standard activism and community organizing to create change on both the individual and governmental level.

Learn more about Jamie at

Thank You

In this deceptively simple 3-minute talk, Dr. Laura Trice muses on the power of the magic words “thank you” — to deepen a friendship, to repair a bond, to make sure another person knows what they mean to you. Try it.

So thank you everyone for reading this blog and being part of the TED community. Thank you.

This TED Talk was proposed by Lynn Goldberg, Chair of Manhattan Beach Women In Buisness. If you have a favorite talk please send us a note.

TEDx Program Now One Year Old

Today marks the one-year anniversary of TEDx, the program to support independent TED-style events in local communities around the world. The very first TEDx event happened this time last year on the campus of the University of Southern California — and right now in Southern California, the second annual TEDxUSC is happening, a day-long event for 1,000 attendees, produced by USC’s Stevens Institute for Innovation. On this day in April a year ago, who could have predicted the way the numbers would stack up one year on:

Total number of TEDx events to date: 500

Total number of TEDx events planned for 2010: 500 +

Total languages at TEDx events: 35 +

Total number of countries TEDx events are held in: 70 +

Estimated number of people who have attended a TEDx event to date: 50,000 +

Estimated number of people projected to attend a TEDx event through end of 2010: 100,000

Number of colleges that have hosted TEDx events to date: 100 +

Number of colleges that are currently signed up to host an upcoming TEDx event: 80 +

You can find a TEDx happening near you, or learn how to produce your own TEDx event, right here >>

Watch TEDx talks from the amazing YouTube archive right here >>

Southern California TEDx Events

This is a list of TEDx events in Southern California that we are aware of:

Past Events:

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TEDxHollywood – OverviewVideo – 7/24/2009

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TEDxManhattanBeach – OverviewFacebook – 2/27/2010

TEDxSimiValleyLibrary – 3/14/2010

TEDxConejo – Overview– 3/27/2010

Future Events:

TEDxUSC – 4/13/2010

TEDxDowntownLA – 4/29/2010

TEDxHollywood – 6/5/2010

TEDxAmericanRiveria (Santa Barbara) – 10/10/2010

TEDxLittleTokyoLA – TBD

TEDxTogether – TBD

TEDxMiracleMile – TBD

If we have missed an event please send us a note and we will add it.