Today marks the one-year anniversary of TEDx, the program to support independent TED-style events in local communities around the world. The very first TEDx event happened this time last year on the campus of the University of Southern California — and right now in Southern California, the second annual TEDxUSC is happening, a day-long event for 1,000 attendees, produced by USC’s Stevens Institute for Innovation. On this day in April a year ago, who could have predicted the way the numbers would stack up one year on:

Total number of TEDx events to date: 500

Total number of TEDx events planned for 2010: 500 +

Total languages at TEDx events: 35 +

Total number of countries TEDx events are held in: 70 +

Estimated number of people who have attended a TEDx event to date: 50,000 +

Estimated number of people projected to attend a TEDx event through end of 2010: 100,000

Number of colleges that have hosted TEDx events to date: 100 +

Number of colleges that are currently signed up to host an upcoming TEDx event: 80 +

You can find a TEDx happening near you, or learn how to produce your own TEDx event, right here >>

Watch TEDx talks from the amazing YouTube archive right here >>


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