TEDx Volunteer Comandments

These volunteer commandments are based on some prepared by TEDxPhoenix and I think with a little adjustment they have value for many organizations.

TEDx Manhattan Beach Volunteer Commandments

Thou shall spread ideas.

Thou shall welcome all.

Thou shalt know the difference between TED & TEDx.

Thou shalt not use TEDx for personal gain, or to promote a personal agenda.

Thou shalt treat one another with respect and understanding.

Thou shalt be constructive with your feedback and criticism.

Thou shalt uphold a respectable public image.

Thou shalt not bite off more than ye can chew.

Thou shalt keep everyone in the loop.

Thou shalt be remarkable, have fun, be passionate, and dream big!

Tickets on Sale for June Social

TEDx Manhattan Beach is pleased to announce our third monthly social.


Wednesday June 30, 2010.


6:00 p.m. Registration and networking – we will be providing beer, wine and a light dinner.

7:00 to 8:00 p.m. Recorded TED Talks on the theme of “OIL“.

8:00 to 9:00 p.m. Discussion, networking and more beer and wine (if any is left).


The event is free to attend. We will be asking, at the door, for a $10 / person contribution towards the cost of the beer, wine and food that we will be providing.

The courtyard at the hotel is outside and has a capacity for only 50 people so please reserve your seat using EventBrite.

Parking and Transportation

Please park across the street as the hotel is expected to be full and the guests have priority for parking.

If you can avoid or minimize the use of oil in reaching the event we will have a few valuable prizes.


If you have any questions please email us at tedxmb@gmail.com.

TEDxManhattanBeach May Social

Last night nearly 50 TEDxers enjoyed wine, beer and dinner under the stars and then went inside to watch three TED Talks on the subject of food. After the TED Talks the conversation continued as we finished off the last of the food and drink.

You can see some great pictures here.

We briefly ran out of red wine and a huge thank you to Andy Cohen for bringing more supplies. TEDxers drink more red wine than white wine and like wine more than beer – just in case you wanted to know.

If you missed the fun you can watch the TED Talks that we watched, but you will have missed the conversation.

We hope to see everyone next month and thank you to all the volunteers that helped Scott Bell, John Marston, Dei Murray, Pam Nicholson, Steve Nicholson, Ricardo Solar, Paul Stromgren, Daniel Sofer and Jinghuan Liu.

Finally a huge thank you to Susannah Rosenthal for allowing us to use her beautiful home for our meeting.