We are just starting the process of development the themes for the next TEDxManhattanBeach Conference. We do not have a date, venue, sponsorship or volunteer team assembled. So if you are interested in helping send us an email.

The format we will be using will be very similar to the conference we held in February. The event will be all day with four sessions (two in the morning and two in the afternoon). Each session will consist of one recorded TED Talk and 3 to 5 live speakers (together they will talk for a maximum of 60 minutes). For the general outline look at the February 2010 Agenda.

We are looking to have four session themes that build into an overall message for the day. You can see some of the TED Conference themes on their website.

These are some of the ideas that have been proposed for the four session themes. They are very broad and we welcome new themes as well as ideas about the existing themes. Some of the themes overlap. So please read and comment:

Smart Energy. Local power generation from wind and solar integrated into both existing and new homes with smart meters and smart consumption. Reduced energy consumption through more efficient usage of power and fuel with the target of being carbon neutral. Community solar projects to cost effectively generate electric power.

Urban Farms. Growing food locally through side walk gardens, community gardens, and allotments. Distribute locally grown food through restaurants, markets and schools and label with the source of origin. Creating urban habitats for birds, animals and bees (and other insects of course).

Open Source Government. Open Source Governance is the application of open source principals to the democratic process. Greater social involvement in the community fosters more skills sharing among neighbors, self sufficiency during times of crisis and greater community cohesion.

Efficient Transportation. Zero emission transportation using mass transit, walking, bike paths, community zip cars, pedestrian bridges, homes close to work, and neighborhood shops.

Urban Planning. Create communities that are scaled around the human and not the car, so called renaissance neighborhoods. These communities foster greater human interaction and community building. Build carbon neutral homes that are energy efficient. Layout homes to increase social interaction through, for example, front yard porches that face thee street. Design homes that either capture water for future use or return the water to aquifer rather than maximize run off to the ocean. When selling homes create an energy information pack that describes to potential buyer the energy consumed in operating the home. Design parks, town squares, playing fields and places for community interaction.

Culture Everywhere. Provide to the emotional needs of the community through sports, performance and visual arts. Provide opportunities for the everyone to be involved in the activity and creative process.

Clean Environment. Refuse, reuse and then recycle. Reduce consumption and improve the quality of the environment that we live in. Reduce air and water pollution.

Incentive Education. Encourage ongoing education for all members of the community. Broaden the skills taught at Kindergarten through 12th Grade schools to include creativity, leadership, cooking, fitness and money management.

Ubiquitous Broadband. Ensure that affordable internet access is available to everyone and that the community is taught how to value and use internet connectivity. Create efficient ways to use the power of the internet to improve business processes and the community.

Healthy People. Focus on keeping the community healthy rather than providing health care when they are ill. Fighting obesity through diet and exercise. Focus on factors that increase life expectancy and create Blue Zones.

Facilitate Entrepreneurs. Create an environment that fosters and supports new ideas. Ensure that the both physical infrastructure and the community connections are available for entrepreneurs to be successful.

Once we have identified the overall message and session themes we will begin the process of identifying potential speakers.


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