On Wednesday night 38 TEDxers enjoyed wine, beer and dinner under the stars and watched a selection of videos and TED Talks on the subject of oil. After the TED Talks the conversation continued as we finished off the last of the food and drink.

If you missed the fun you can watch the TED Talks that we watched, but you will have missed the conversation.

We hope to see everyone next month and thank you to all the volunteers that helped Scott Bell, John Marston, Dei Murray, Pam Nicholson, Steve Nicholson, Fred Magner, Daniel Sofer and Jinghuan Liu.

Finally a huge thank you to the Hawthorn Suites and Dei Murray for allowing us to use the courtyard of the their hotel for our meeting.

Update 1: This is the article written by Dominique Fong who attended this event.

Update 2: This is a great video about the process by which the relief well for the Macondo blow out will be drilled.

Update 3: Here is a link to the photos of the event, thank you Daniel Sofer, Hermosa Wave.


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