On Thursday September 30, 2010 a group of 37 TEDxers enjoyed an evening of discussion and debate around the issues of transportation.

Following the TED Talks we broke into five groups that discussed transportation planning ideas that we would like to see introduced in the South Bay.

Here is the summary of the points discussed.

Congestion Pricing. Introduce variable road pricing to try and reduce traffic at peak times.

Single Transit District for Greater Los Angeles. Create a single transit to allow a single ticket to give access to all the systems.

Integrate Buses with Metro System. Ensure all buses link with metro system and create transit hubs at the metro stations.

Create East West Transit Corridors. Presently all public transportation systems run in a north – south direction in the South Bay. Need to create East-West transit along Rosecrans, Marine, Manhattan Beach Blvd and Artesia. These could be bus routes or bike routes.

Financial Incentives to Go Green. Create financial incentives to walk, bike, car pool or use mass transit. Perhaps provide tax rebates to buy bikes or electric cars.

Support South Bay Bike Coalition Regional Planning Effort. Participate in the South Bay Bike Coalition planning meetings and help ensure a great solution for the South Bay. Create dedicated bike paths painted on the road – perhaps along Marine or another east-west road.

Southern California Association of Governments. Lobby the regional organization Southern California Association of Governments and potentially attend the 2010 Transportation Summit.


Many items were discussed and the above is based on the notes I have. I probably missed about half of the good ideas. Sorry. Email me or comment if I missed something.


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