I just spent an amazing week at TED Active 2011 in Palm Springs. The conference was attended by around 500 people and there were over 160 TEDx Organizers from all over the world. If you want to get a feel for the 6 day event then please watch some of the following videos.

TED Active 2011 Day 1

TED Active 2011 Day 2

TED Active 2011 Day 3

If you have ever wandered why people like to get together and watch TED talks I think that this Harvard Business Review article is very helpful.

I hope that through TEDxManhattanBeach events many people will be able to enjoy some of the fun of a conference like TED Active.


Added Later:

Theses blog articles was written by Hannah who was watching the TED Live Stream they describe the talks far better than I could. Here is her bio…

My name is Hannah & I’ve been sick all my life. Even though we didn’t know it at the time, I was born with Lyme Disease (my mum had it when she was pregnant with my twin sister & I), which means that I suffered hearing loss, seizures, severe dyslexia, & eventually paralysis, which put me in my wheelchair (it is very groovy, it’s painted with vines, and leaves & flowers & is called Ivy). The good news is that I am now starting to get well & am no longer dying – thanks to some really great Dr’s I am now able to walk, talk, swallow & breathe easily again. I’m still doing treatment and rehab, but I’m finally getting better & not dying anymore (my hope is for remission).


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