Hall Davidson will speak at our TEDxMB conference on education on October 22, 2011. Davidson, winner of the prestigious “Make IT Happen” award, joined Discovery Education in 2005 and serves as Director of Global Learning Initiatives. He’s spoken about technology and education to audiences around the world.

At a recent  International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference, Davidson offered media-making fun for kids. Students created Web 2.0 videos and original videos and “curriculum mashups.” The students developed content on Web 2.0 sites (for instance Gizmoz, Blabberize and Wordle), then video-screen-captured it, and edited it with student work and other video material.

Davidson explains that these types of video clips are not dependent on internet access and work just fine on the desktop. Free downloadable files from GoogleLitTrips, GoogleEarth and Second Life can all work well in the classroom this way.

Davidson also shared a link to fantastic videos made by students. The students who made these videos won awards for their work at the 2011 California Student Media Festival.  These student-directors and actors show humor and media savvy as well as phenomenal passion for learning.

Davidson says, “Videos don’t have to be perfect – mine aren’t! The model is to let other teachers know it can be done!” Please join us to hear Hall Davidson speak at our TEDxManhattan Beach conference on education on October 22, 2011. (Scroll to the bottom to buy tickets.)


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