Melanie West, M.A., educational psychologist

Melanie West is an educational psychologist, the author of The Right Side of Learning and the founder of The Right Side of Learning program. “I started my career as a school psychologist for public schools, testing and diagnosing students for learning disabilities. But as I accumulated experiences, I discovered that we have a very real obstacle in our approach to children who experience a problem with learning,” she says.

West left her position in the public schools and embarked on a journey. She sought to discover a solution for learners whose brains work differently.

Many parents have experienced frustration as children race through work, work at a snail’s pace, or suddenly do something unrelated to the task at hand. “If you ask a child like this what he or she is thinking about, he might not know!” says West. She understands these children, and has developed a different way of looking at how kids learn — and has had great success in improving kids’ learning rate, long term memory skills and strengthen their ability to conceptualize new ideas.

This has implications for how kids learn in schools. “Schools must design an education that fully engages the right hemisphere during the learning process. Right-brain stimulation not only accelerates learning, it engages creative thinking and develops the problem-solving skills our children need for future success – not just their personal success but the success of our country as a whole.”

Come hear Melanie West talk about her innovative approach to teaching right-brained learners at our TEDxManhattanBeach conference on education on Oct. 22, 2011.

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