We need your help to lobby the Manhattan Beach City Council. We had previously been given an indication that the City would support TEDxManhattanBeach and help bring a world class event to Manhattan Beach through a cash donation of $2500. We now understand that the council is split on this and they will vote on this tomorrow night (Tuesday October 4, 2011). Without this support we will have to make a significant investment of time in fund raising and that time could be better spent creating a higher quality event that would potentially create positive change in our entire community.

Please could you email our Council members and express your support for TEDxManhattanBeach. The email address for the five members of city council is CityCouncil@citymb.info.

The following is draft of a potential email.

Dear City Council,

Please support TEDxManhattanBeach with a donation of $2500 to help ensure that this volunteer organization can bring great ideas to our community. Without ideas and the associated informed discussion we will not be able to improve our community. By supporting this event you will be contributing to fostering thought leadership in our community. You will also be making a statement that you as a community leader are willing to take the lead in improving Manhattan Beach.

Best wishes

Thank you in advance for your support.


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