Would you like to be part of the TEDxManhattanBeach ‘techbook’?  Hall Davidson will show how digital textbooks can be more community relevant—instantly.  If you would like to be part of a techbook that will be assembled during his talk on October 22, 2011, follow the instructions below.  You will need a mobile phone that shoots video and can send emails or messages.

Do this:

Identify a topic or area of expertise—for example, “Non-Indigenous Plants”

Write “Non-Indigenous Plants” boldly on a piece of paper.

Begin the video by shooting the title. (This will help us sort your video). Then keep shooting your video. For example, you might move from the paper to show a non-indigenous plant like an ice plant.  You might add narration  “The ice plant is not native to California.  It comes from New Zealand.  Many people think it is beautiful but it can be destructive to local hillsides.”  It does not have to be fancy.  Simple is best, and short—less than 30 seconds.

When you finish shooting on your phone, your phone may ask you if you want to send the video in a message. You do! Send the video to this address. rnrjojiip69L@m.youtube.com (That is an “L” after the 69 and it doesn’t have to be capitalized.) Your phone may prompt you how to do this. If so, follow the instructions.  If  you are not prompted, look for an icon or other indicator on the phone screen for email.  On a BlackBerry, the icon looks like an envelope.   You can send the video as an email or as an MMS (multimedia message).  The video make take a minute or so to upload (that’s why short is important!).  When you are successful you will get a confirmation message from YouTube.  Yes, you can send videos from your phone directly to your YouTube account. Please do this by late Friday night (October 21, 2011) before the TEDxManhattanBeach Conference.  

Thank you in advance!


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