Cognitive development in kids a dynamic process, says neuroscience expert

Two boys, Nico and Brooke, each suffered the removal of an entire brain hemisphere (Nico his right and Brooke his left) to control severe epilepsy — yet these boys became

TED Active 2011

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I just spent an amazing week at TED Active 2011 in Palm Springs. The conference was attended by around 500 people and there were over 160 TEDx Organizers from all

TEDxManhattanBeach – 2011 Conference

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We are very excited to announce the theme and the speakers for the 2011 TEDxManhattanBeach Conference. The conference will be held on the evening of Thursday February 10, 2011. Theme

Join Us for the January Social

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Music, both as a performance and as a topic of discussion, has always been a part of the annual TED conference in Long Beach but we haven’t had music as

November Social – Best of TED

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Last night 44 TEDxers enjoyed an evening hosted by Paul Stromgren where he highlighted the Best of TED by picking 3 TEDTalks form over 750 which are available on the