TL Conversation: Sean Bouchard

Sean Bouchard How does learning to play the game teach us? How important is playing and having fun to the learning process? Which games have helped you or your kids?

TL Conversation: Peter Barsuk

Peter Barsuk: Architectural design that transforms learning How can the design of schools encourage learning? How do we encourage teamwork in schools? What do kids most need from their environment?

TL Conversation: Yaw Adutwum

Yaw Adutwum: Accountability and expectations: changing students’ performance How should we help students across LA? How can we improve students’ performance? How can communities work together? Posting Guidelines We’re here to

TL Conversation: Hall Davidson

Hall Davidson: From Trees to Bits How does 3D visualization help kids learn? iPads have been shown to help kids gain vocabulary. What role then should technology play in schools? Posting Guidelines

TL Conversation: Mary-Helen Immordino-Yang

Mary-Helen Immordino-Yang: Embodied brains, social minds: How admiration inspires purposeful learning The brain stem lights up when we’re inspired – what does this mean for education? How can we inspire