TL Conversation: Melanie West

Melanie West: Auditory and Visual Learning How do we encourage all styles of learning? What can help kids who are struggling in school? How do we teach to right-brained kids? Posting

TL Conversation: John Bennett

John Bennett: Why Math Instruction is Unnecessary Should math be taught differently? What causes “math anxiety”? How would you change the teaching of math? Posting Guidelines We’re here to talk about

TL Conversation: Tom Vander Ark

Tom Vander Ark: Innovations in Education What should the role of technology be in schools? How can we individualize education? How do we democratize education? Posting Guidelines We’re here to talk

TL Conversation: Jon Bischke

Jon Bischke: The Learning and Reputation Graphs How can we measure the progress of kids? Will responsive technology mean the end of tests? How do you feel about online reputation graphs?

What are your thoughts on the Transforming Learning Conference?

On Saturday 20 speakers and 16 breakout sessions showcased a wide variety of ideas. Did you write anything on the page in the program titled “Ideas Worth Launching”? If so