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Come early to explore the exhibit hall and enjoy breakfast. We have two scheduled times to explore the Exhibit Hall: 8-9am and 10:15-11:15am., and you can drop by at lunch or during the day.


Awaken: Chakya Yoga with Evanna Shaffer

Come join Evanna Shaffer in the Awaken: Chakya Yoga tent where you can take a mini class to awaken your senses and your body through Evanna’s sensory activation and 360 degree rotational movements to improve brain and body performance.

Sound Garden: Featuring David Romero’s Sound Bath

Sound Bath Experience: Featuring David Romero and Frank Capwell

Immerse yourself in TEDxMB’s Sound Bath, a Vibro-Acoustic experience that relaxes both the mind and body. Gongs, Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Native American Flutes, Tuning Forks, Didgeridoo’s, and a host of other instruments are played to help create a serene, peaceful, and relaxing environment. The purpose of Sound Bathing is to help reduce stress, tension, anxiety, and pain cycles. Using Insight Meditation combined with Sound Bathing; a practitioner can learn to heal themselves while releasing old traumas and old stories that no longer serve them.


Experience 37: MATRIARCHS! ESMoA

El Segundo Museum of Art (ESMoA), the South Bay’s own art laboratory, is proud to bring Experience 37: MATRIARCHS to TEDxMB. Organized by Kristen Dorsey (Chickasaw Nation) and Jaclyn Roessel (Diné), the exhibit features works from 12 contemporary womxn-identifying Indigenous artists from California and diverse tribal communities across Turtle Island. Visit the Matriarch Museum Bus at the Expo Center, featuring video interviews by the artists on an array of mediums including fashion, metalwork, photography, painting, basketry, and video.

Mira Costa Technology & Engineering

Conduct Yourself! MCHS Technology and Engineering

Create a keyboard out of a laptop and some bananas? Say what??? Explore the world of creative conductivity with Mira Costa’s Advanced Placement Computer Science coders, who have programmed some serious fun! Using simple circuits and everyday objects, you can play games and make music in innovative and nonconforming ways!

TEDxManhattanBeach: Exhibit Hall

TEDxMB Pop-up Bookstore: {Pages: a bookstore}

Stop by TEDxManhattanBeach’s official pop-up bookstore where our local and beloved hometown bookstore, {Pages: a bookstore}, will be selling books by TEDx Speakers and other hand-picked, inspiring books that explore this year’s theme “Trail Blazers”.

Educational Insights

Brain Teasers: Educational Insights

Creating educational toys and games that are packed with possibilities, Educational Insights provides games that ignite curiosity and a passion for exploration and learning. Experience some of these awesome brain games while hanging at the Expo Center Lounge.

TEDx Paints: Community and Kindness Brings Us Together

TEDx Paints: Community Art Project

Artist skills not required! Join us for the 9th annual Community Art Project where our TEDxMB guests will create a beautiful piece of art to be installed at the Joslyn Center.

Two Bit Circus

The Future of Fun: Two Bit Circus

Join the mad scientists, artists, inventors and storytellers of Two Bit Circus as they showcase some of their favorite games, and celebrate the opening of their micro-amusement park in DTLA! We truly live at the intersection of technology and spectacle, engineering entertainment that is imaginative and interactive. Learn more at @TwoBitCircus and www.twobitcircus.com.

UCLA Art/Sci

Video Art Gallery: UCLA Art/Sci

Come learn about the intersection of art and science with UCLA’s Art/Sci initiative, where you can view their most recent projects that link international artists and scientists to portray scientific phenomena in a newly aesthetically provocative way.

Community Microscopes

Unseen Manhattan Beach: Community Microscopes

Explore the invisible microscopic world around you and discover microscopic Manhattan Beach with an affordable microscope kit the TEDxMB Team assembled using Public Lab’s innovative Community Microscopes funded through a Kickstarter campaign.

To Me

To Me: Illegal Art

No matter the image: a trailer park, a mountain top, a beach, a castle or a museum, the postcard is the ubiquitous method of sharing time and place with others, and a “wish you were here” theme. Now it’s time for you to reminisce and reflect upon where you are now and where you may be in the future. In this Participatory Public Art project, artist Otis Kriegel invites you to select a postcard and share this moment, hopes for the next months and anything else you’d like your future self to know. Return the card and you will be sent the postcard in approximately six months, as a memorial to your past self and in honor of you in the future. This project was first installed at the 2013 SXSW Festival.

Lux Virtual

Running Water & Mountain Climbing: Lux Virtual

Immerse yourself in The Colorado Aqueduct VR Project, a virtual reality experience that showcases the engineering marvel that brings water from the Colorado river to your faucet in Los Angeles. Then climb Mount Everest with Capturing Everest VR, a mesmerizing 360° video that follows climbers as they scale the world’s tallest mountain.

CGO Studios

The History of Flying: CGO Studios

Live history through VR from CGO Studios and experience what it was like to take the first ever flight with the Wright Brothers in this immersive VR adventure


The Darfur Experience: iAct

Experience what it’s like to be a Sudanese Refugee at iACT’s “Women and Girls of Darfur—Hope in Action”. The exhibit will offer guests a window into the lives of refugee women and girls who fled the genocide in Darfur, Sudan and who have been living in refugee camps in eastern Chad for more than a decade. Attendees are invited into an immersive, multimedia experience that will include a refugee tent with artifacts from Darfur, where guests can hear, feel, smell, and taste the Darfuri culture, and learn about the forgotten survivors of the Darfur genocide. You can also learn about iACT’s refugee-led sports, education, and human rights programs that empower the women and girls of Darfur to rebuild their resilience, recover from trauma, and live meaningful, peaceful lives. Guests will also have the opportunity to create personal “iACT Because” pledges and snap a photo in front of iACT’s humanitarian action pledge wall!

Cubic Motion

Digital Doubles: Cubic Motion

Do you feel that you need two of you to get everything done in your day? Learn how Cubic Motion is advancing facial response technology and AI to make your digital double a future reality.

AP Art: MCHS Art Department

AP Art: MCHS Art Department

Stop by the Expo Center Lounge and view stunning and provocative works by Mira Costa High School’s talented artists from this year’s Advanced Placement Art class.

Big Head Box

Super Selfie: Big Head Box

We’ve taken the selfie to another level with Big Head Box! Come visit our TEDxMB Red Carpet and don one of our exclusively designed Big Head Boxes for a TEDxMB selfie to remember!

Affordable Human Needs

Real Solutions: Affordable Human Needs

While we take clean water for granted, in many countries access to clean water is the bridge to education and economic development. Come learn about the Peace Filter, and innovative and economical water filter that has been recognized by governments of African countries as a way to lift people out of poverty. You’ll also get to see the amazing solar light that has unleashed the power of learning among African girls in communities without electricity.

Sleep Doctor

Live By Your Clock: The Sleep Doctor™

Clinical psychologist and sleep specialist Michael Breus will test which of the four biological chronotypes you inhabit (lion, wolf, bear or dolphin). Visit The Sleep Doctor™ to learn fascinating insights about when to make important decisions, ask for a raise and even exercise or eat a burger.


Greenland Melting: Emblematic

Greenland’s glaciers are melting at a historic rate. To understand why, and what this might mean for the rest of the world, FRONTLINE and NOVA teamed up with Emblematic Group, X-Rez Studio and Realtra to bring this story to life as never before. Through immersive VR, Greenland Melting allows our guests to experience standing in water in front of a glacier, flying at low altitudes over some of the world’s most stunning scenery, and diving beneath the ocean’s surface to see what NASA’s studies are revealing, while meeting some NASA scientists along the way.

Know The Flow: Heal The Bay

Visit Heal The Bay and test your knowledge on California’s watershed with the “Know the Flow” interactive trivia wheel spin game, and learn about their beach report card map and the important work they do to keep our Pacific Ocean clean and pristine.

Slingshot Aerospace

Data For Disaster Response: Slingshot Aerospace

Slingshot is a cutting-edge leader in providing the next generation of signal processing AI. Their solutions and geospatial insights give decision makers valuable information utilizing Earth Observation data, the world’s largest untapped data source. Come see a demo of Slingshot’s analytics for disaster response and learn more about this exciting new technology.