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Ideas Worth Exploring – 16 Fascinating Breakout Activities

During the breaks explore and participate in sixteen fascinating breakout activities.

Imagine Learning: Add Your Voice To An Eames Blank House of Cards
Imagine it: What could learning be? What could teaching be? Designers Charles and Ray Eames believed that toys can be precursors to serious ideas, and that fun and learning are intertwined. So, grab some markers (or a handful of cool materials) and express yourself! Add your words or images to a blank Eames House of Cards, originally designed in 1952 by the Eames’s; their playful toy celebrates “the uncommon beauty of common things.” Now it is your turn to design a card.
More Information: Eames Foundation

This Is Not Your Father’s Math Class
John Bennett is a one-of-a-kind middle and high school math teacher in the San Francisco area. His application of logic puzzles and strategy games in the classroom bring traditional mathematics curriculum to life. If you plan on joining John, be prepared to be puzzled, amazed, and down right inspired by the activities he has designed to stimulate analytic reasoning, deductive logic and visual-spatial reasoning – essential skills needed for applied math theory. Who knew math could be this fun!
More information: I Wanna Big Brain

Prototyping Silicon Valley Style – By 6th Graders!
Remember Industrial Arts? Wood Working, Metal Shop? Stop by and observe 6th graders in a digital workshop – building and creating using the curriculum of the FabLab@School – a 22nd century industrial arts program derived from the Makers’ Movement and grounded in nanotechnology – chips that react to light, sound and touch – too hard to write the excitement! Visit the students working at the FabLab@School booth and be amazed by the possibilities…
More Information: FabLab@School

Empower Kids, Change the World
Kids can do the darndest things! Grades of Green, led by founders and Directors Shaya Kirkpatrick, Lisa Coppedge, Kim Martin and Suzanne Kretschmer, has inspired children across the country to take care of our precious resource, the earth. Come and listen to our inspired and knowledgeable students talk about social responsibility and preserving our planet, including “Trash Free Lunches”, “Composting”, “Walk to School Wednesdays”, “DeTox Thursdays”, and “Operation GreeNation.”
More information: Grades Of Green

In The Zone
Throw out that wrinkle cream! Get the secrets to looking and feeling better at any age. Add 12 years to your life! There are places in the world where people live healthy, happy lives well into their 90′s and 100′s. Dubbed “Blue Zones” by National Geographic researcher Dan Buettner, these longevity hotspots share nine traits (the “Power 9”). Find out what they are. Participate in Vitality City’s fun-filled game show. Get the scoop and “get in the zone!”
More information: Vitality City – Power 9

Make plants taste great! When healthy food tastes great, well-being is irresistible. Based on characteristics of Power 9, watch and learn how to prepare and portion a delicious dish for a healthy lifestyle. On behalf of Vitality City, Simple Gourmet chef Melanie Barsuk will demonstrate how to make delicious meals that utilize ingredients from the “Longevity Food List”. Stop by and your taste buds will thank you!
More information: Vitality City – Cooking Classes

For Fast-Acting Relief, Slow Down
Watch and participate with Tai Chi Master, Shahab Medi. Hosted by Vitality City, Master Shahab Medi will lead a class in the art of Tai Chi. Down shifting at least 20 minutes a day is an important Power 9 principal that can mitigate stress, worry and anger – significant obstacles to longevity. Tai Chi, long called “meditation in motion”, emphasizes complete relaxation. Join in and feel your stress melt away!
More information: I Tai Chi For Health

No Time For Dancing
The high stakes of assessments and state testing, so strongly focused on Language Arts and Math, dictate how classroom minutes are utilized. Too often, teachers lose their ability to effectively educate an active and informed citizenry through the Social Studies. Based on his new textbook, “Reclaiming Social Studies for the Elementary Classroom”, Dr. Greg Knotts, Associate Professor of Elementary Education at California State University, Northridge, discusses how to integrate the arts to create effective and meaningful Social Studies curriculum.
More information: Reclaiming Social Studies for the Elementary Classroom

Web 2.0, QR’s, Mobile Phone Magic, and More!
Create. Collaborate. Edit. Share. Web 2.0 is a toolbox for educators to generate classroom content online and engage students in meaningful and innovative ways. Many of the applications can be mastered in minutes! Led by Hall Davidson of Global Learning Initiatives, Discovery Education, you will explore the wonderful world of Web 2.0 and be left imagining what will come next.
More information: Teaching Them With What’s In Their Pockets

Now it’s your turn to tell something to a little birdie. Follow the tradition of pithy poetry masters from haiku hackers to modernist musers. Write 140-character poems and watch them take wing across the cyberverse. Use iPads from the MBUSD pilot project to craft poetry suited for social networking. Hosted by MCHS English teacher Shawn Chen, this session might help you replace your Angry Birds addiction with a poetwitter habit.
More information: iPad In The Classroom

Beating the Odds For Better Readers
Come and see what all the commotion is about! Through the use of movement, music and poetry, Los Angeles Music Center Master Teaching Artist Beth Sussman shares strategies using “steady beat” to improve reading comprehension and fluency. She has achieved remarkable results in her workshops as students have doubled, tripled and even quadrupled their fluency. The beat on the street – don’t miss this one!
More information: Beth Sussman

Get Dirty!
“The Teaching Garden”, a ground-breaking (pun intended!) partnership between LA’s Promise and the American Heart Association, is an interdisciplinary, holistic approach to health and wellness education, which spans across the entire curriculum. Students learn through hands-on experiments and activities, research projects and self-reflection. Students from LA’s Promise’s West Adams Prep High School will let you play in their garden and taste the fruits of their labor. So come on, get your hands dirty – it’s good for you!
More information: West Adams Preparatory High School

Show Us Eureka!
2011 TED Prize Winner and photographer JR said “I wish for you to stand up for what you care about by participating in a global art project, and together we’ll turn the world…INSIDE OUT.” Remember the “Aha” moment when you finally figure it out and shouted eureka! TEDxManhattanBeach believes that when kids are engaged, inspired and motivated, they make more connections, think about possibilities, and ask “What if?” Share your eureka moment and show that you care about great inspiring education. LA based professional photographer Axel Koester will capture the feeling of your greatest moment.
More information: Inside Out Art Project

Will You Tell Me a Story?
Once upon a time, long, long ago, storytellers told stories to pass on wisdom, engage the imagination, and foster community. Storytelling represents a form of communication and connection that our technologically driven society is hungry for, passing enduring concepts and knowledge on to children. Jackie Merrill, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Spellbinders, a non-profit dedicated to reclaiming the art of storytelling in communities, will lead the session. Come and learn how to impart wisdom through storytelling rituals at home, in school, and in the community.
More information: Spellbinders

Innovation in a Nutshell: A Design Thinking Workshop

“Design Thinking” – it’s a process for creating change based on empathy, collaboration and taking creative risks. It’s also about taking action, and it’s available to you today. Come immerse yourself in the design thinking process and experience a Stanford d.school hands-on 
workshop. Led by two design coaches from the Stanford design school, you’ll brainstorm and build your way to innovation in this whirlwind design challenge.
More information: Stanford Design School

The Odyssey of the Mind Experience
Can creativity be taught? Inspired? Odyssey is an international educational program providing creative problem-solving opportunities for students, kindergarten through college. Students apply creativity to solve problems ranging from building mechanical devices to presenting their own interpretation of literary classics. Come test your ability to think on your feet and work as a team with a “hands on spontaneous problem”, led by Jason Meth, veteran teacher & leader of Project Studio at Stephen S. Wise, an inquiry-based learning program.
More information: Odyssey Of The Mind

Young Musicians Performance Academy
The Young Musicians Performance Academy (YMPA) brings diverse music into the lives of young musicians during a time when Arts Education is still being cut from curriculums around the nation. As a supplement to in-school music programs, the YMPA provides a home for dedicated young musicians to expand their musical knowledge at a progressive pace. The YMPA Jazz programs focus on complex, creative and highly communicative learning. It focuses on music theory, informed listening and improvising, and teaches our youth not only to be great musicians, but to be culturally connected innovators, fearless thinkers and insightful, expressive communicators.
More information: Young Musicians Performance Academy