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Idris makes a passionate case for the need for parks.

About Idris Al-Oboudi

Idris Al-Oboudi, is a nationally recognized Recreation and Parks professional and public speaker, he has been working in the field of recreation for the past 28 years. He is currently the Manager of Parks and Recreation for the City of Manhattan Beach, California.

Idris has received numerous recognitions for his work in the field of Parks and Recreation. In February 2008 Idris received from the NRPA Pacific Southwest Regional Council the Professional Distinguished Service Award. This is the highest award bestowed by the organization. It recognizes professionals in the region who have consistently given outstanding service to the park, recreation and conservation movement on the State, National and in the case of Mr. Al-Oboudi the international level. He also received the 2007 NRPA’s Program Excellence Award for Special Events.

Idris is a 25-year resident of Los Angeles’s South Bay. He was born in Baghdad, Iraq. As a gifted child Idris was selected to attend a distinguished Soviet School for music and ballet in Moscow. During his youth Idris was involved with ground braking international dance, theatrical and cinema productions.