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Maker Mobile
A truck of tools on a journey of more than 14,000 miles bringing hands-on creativity to kids and adults. What are you going to make? Find out where the tools are.


My Purpose Is…
Take part in an interactive art wall by answering the question “My purpose is to…”. More on the inspiration behind this project.


Minimizing Waste, Maximizing Education
Explore ways to use non-traditional, re-purposed materials to expand learning horizons and push the bounds of creativity. More on teaching with trash.


Squishy Circuits
Create circuits and explore electronics using homemade playdoh. More about squishy electronics.


Cakes by Emma
Marvel at artistry that is too amazing to eat. More on the how to’s of cake art.


Action! Digital Media in the Classroom
Experience school lessons taught using film making, animation and game making on an iPad. More on digital education opportunities.


Journey through the Kelp Forest
Take a walk through the Kelp Forest. More on this one-of-a-kind interactive sculpture.


To the Moon
Blow your friends away as you send this 25-cent rocket hundreds of feet in the air. More on launching rockets.


Dumpster Diving
20 bags of recycling in the trash? Explore the contents of a typical school trash bin and discover how to reduce your waste. More on this amazing recycling story.


Live to 100!
Explore your purpose. Play a game of cards you can’t lose! More on discovering purpose.


Paint with Purpose
Paint and contribute to a 20 foot mural. Artists from Art Division will be on hand to guide, help and integrate your work. More on painting.


{Pages} Official Bookstore of TEDxManhattanBeach
Browse our bookstore and discover our speaker recommendations. More on our bookstore.


Schools of the Future
Discover the school of the future and how you can help with that transition today. More on schools of the future.


Coach Potatoes Wanted
See incredible video footage and a live stream of TEDxManhattanBeach talks in the exhibit hall. More on watching TV.


Get Smart-er!
New research has shown that your IQ changes over time. More on getting smarter.


Instant Recess: Let’s Get Moving Again!
Taking short activity breaks – just 10 minutes a day – improves performance on the job and increases health. More on recess for health.


I Like To Move It!
Take a break, get moving, learn math, have fun and leave with skills you can use tomorrow. More on moving it!.


Pages Of Art
What do you do with a book you’ve already read? Paint it of course! More on painting books.


Let a Puppet Speak
One of the oldest art forms in the world, puppetry combines theater and visual arts. Bringing inanimate objects to life, puppetry has entertained and communicated values, ideals and social pedagogy for over 3,000 years. More on puppets.


The Beach Cities Robotics Team and their robots will dazzle you with their moves! More on robots.