Title: Catalyst

Web: www.barbarapatterson.com

Book Favorites:
Supercoach by Michael Neill;
Slow Down to the Speed of Life by Richard Carlson;
StillPower by Garret Kramer

Quote: “The most powerful strategy for success is not a strategy – it’s a space.” by Barbara Patterson

My Story: By listening to my own wisdom and following those inner promptings, I have journeyed around the world and lived across the US, Africa and in Paris. I have worked with educators, parents, executive leaders, entrepreneurs and prisoners. I have succeeded, I have failed, I have loved and been loved. I have shared tears and belly laughs. And most importantly, I have been touched deeply by the lives of many – all who have given me the inspiration and courage to say ‘Yes’ to my purpose. For them, I am eternally grateful.

My passion for accessing our potential and understanding the drivers of transformation has been a lifetime quest. I meet people every day who underestimate their power and potential. I used to believe transformation was about hard work and that the only way out was ‘through’. Now I realize that we are all only one thought away from profound change. New insight, new thought can happen in any moment. Change your mind and change your life.

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