Title: The Brush Master, Innovative Drummer to the Stars

Favorite Book: Yes I Can by Sammy Davis, Jr.

Web: Clayton Cameron

Quote: “Real success is not on the stage, but off the stage as a human being, and how you get along with your fellow man.” by Sammy Davis, Jr.

My Story: From an early age, I noticed that there was rhythm in life, from the pep in one’s step to the wink of an eye, everything we do and all things around us have a pace or a certain flow or rigidness. That pace could be that of the hare or the tortoise. It could mean soaring like an eagle or hovering like a humming bird. It all depended on the goal I had in mind.  In order to get to where I wanted to go, I had to decide: was it best to put my head down and charge like a bull or dance the dance of a ballerina?  Rhythm is truly an integral part of how we live our lives and how life surrounds us. Is it possible to enhance our own lives by borrowing the rhythmic cues from what surrounds us, or using sources that have seemingly no relation to the goal you have in mind? One common thread I have found in life is rhythm.

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