Title: NASA/JPL Science Educator & Space Nut

Webmars.jpl.nasa.gov/participate and www.nextgenscience.org/

Favorite Books:
2001: A Space Odyssey (book & film)

Kuhn, Thomas (1962). The Structure of Scientific Revolutions. Chicago, IL: University of ChicagoPress

Gould, Stephen Jay (1991). “The Case of the Creeping Fox Terrier Clone,” Essay 10, Bully for the Brontosaurus, New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Company

Quote: They seem to be collecting all the data they can, hoping that some sort of research question will eventually break out.” by David Seidel

My Story:
  By accident of birth, David is younger than robotic spaceflight but older than human spaceflight. So he grew up with Mercury, Gemini and Apollo. And with Mariner, Surveyor, Viking and Voyager, the robotic missions that opened the frontier of the solar system. He read sci-fi and developed expansive expectations for the worlds of tomorrow.

David was directly the beneficiary of Sputnik-inspired federal funds for science education. His high school used matching funds to construct a planetarium. He visited as an elementary schooler and it became his haunt for most of his high school career. David ended up teaching there and that lead him to NASA and JPL.

That planetarium, like so many other inspirational opportunities, sits vacant and unused. The nation, at every level, needs to assess its commitment to educational action, not rhetoric (of which there is an adequate supply).

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