Title: Cake Artist


Favorite Book:  Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

Quote: I hate school.  I love baking.” By Emma Doyle

My Story:
Emma is a sixth-grader with a special passion.  While she enjoys playing the saxophone and painting, her real passion lies in baking and decorating cakes.  She has been making cakes since she was nine-years old, and her family and friends’ subsequent weight gain bear testament to how tasty her baking is.  She has been commissioned to make cakes for special occasions and enjoys rising to the challenge of her special request – Her “foot in a cast” cake is one such example.

In her second year of club soccer, Emma may seem like any other California girl in love with puppies and her phone, but her skill as a baker sets her apart.  She is constantly seeking new ways to bake and decorate cakes and looks forward to the day she enters culinary school.

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