Title: Truck Driver



Favorite Books:
Conceptual Blockbusting by Jim Adams – In all of SparkTruck’s workshops, we strive to get kids stuck, then show them that they have the ability to get unstuck all by themselves.  Jim Adams’s discussion of the different ways we often get stuck, and practical strategies for overcoming these mental roadblocks is always a great reference during our own “stuck moments.”

Classroom for the Conceptual Age: Chronicles of An Integrated Exploratory Teacher by Marcia D. Barton – One of the first inspirations behind SparkTruck was a visit to Marcy Barton’s classroom in Portola Valley, CA where we saw the fun, interdisciplinary and creative future of learning. Marcy’s book shares her story of how she came up with this holistic view of teaching and provides a detailed guide for educators looking to replicate her success.

Quote: “If we can help kids think of themselves as people that can make anything, we can help them think of themselves as people that can do anything.”

My Story:
 Having come to this country as a 9 year old with limited English skills, Eugene Korsunskiy knows a thing or two about feeling scared in unfamiliar situations. Now that he has a Masters degree in design from Stanford University, he wants to help other 9 year olds get over their fear of the unknown and prototype their way through failure.  This summer, he spent four months on the road with SparkTruck, a project he co-founded at the Stanford d.school that seeks to promote “buildy” confidence through hands-on tinkering.

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