Title: Hand Builder of Small Worlds

Favorite Books:
The Man Who Planted Trees by Jean Giono (non-fiction)
The Soul Solution by Bob and Linda Harrington (non-fiction)
Jayber Crow by Wendell Berry (novel)
The Hummingbirds Daughter by Lisa Urrea (novel)

Quote: “The hand bone is connected to the brain bone” by Shere Coleman

My Story: 
As an artist and educator, I observe and play with the idea that the creative process is a teachable concept with an identifiable structure. Creativity is a tool for all humans to gain insight, inspiration, self-awareness, collaborative skills, problem solving, even compassion and empathy. Creative process is not separate from how we learn, but integral.

If we are lucky, during childhood, we will discover and plant the seeds of our life purpose. If we have the good fortune and guidance to plant these magical seeds, finding our purpose will be part of our own hero or heroine’s journey. There will be clues and a treasure map as well as obstacles and monsters, triumphs, traps, and trickery. We will need to find wise and kind wizards and mentors; and learn to recognize our enemies and where treachery lies. It won’t be easy. The path will wander.

I am inspired to suggest an inclusive and broad medium for children stemming from storytelling, but not limited to that art alone.

Exhibiting fine artist for 35 years, Shere Coleman holds a BFA Painting and Masters in Education. Ms. Coleman worked for Laika/house animation studio in both entertainment and commercial divisions on numerous projects, including pre-production costume design for Coraline. Her teaching career includes TAG and after school art courses for children. She taught foundation art and special topics (Mini Couture) at the Art institute of Portland. She has designed and assisted in the University of Kentucky, Purdue, and University of Notre Dame costume departments. She is currently a Spellbinder Storyteller in public schools, a Spellbinder Storyteller trainer, member of UNIMA, and continues her education nationally and abroad in storytelling and puppet arts. She is a past board member of Aspen Writers Foundation, and the co-designer and curator of the 2011 Aspen Summer Words Writers Festival installation on the Aspen Institute campus, Aspen Colorado.

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