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Amy Alkon


Amy Alkon

Nationally syndicated “science-help” columnist and author

If Amy ruled the world, she would see that poor children (and especially children in very impoverished countries) have access to education and the psychological tools and family and community support to make use of it. She envisions a world where no child is held back in life due to the circumstances they were born into.

Amy Alkon is a “science-help” columnist, author, speaker, and podcast host. Referred to by The LA Weekly as ‘Miss Manners with fangs’, Alkon’s award-winning, science-based syndicated advice column, “The Advice Goddess,” runs in about 100 papers across North America. Believing that science and comedy are not mutually exclusive disciplines, Alkon’s most recent book, ”Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck,” demonstrates how we can all live less counterproductively. The Library Journal calls the book, ’solid psychology, [with] a wealth of helpful knowledge and rapier wit’.

Seeking to extend academia to real world applications, Alkon is president of the Applied Evolutionary Psychology Society, which encourages the use of evolutionary theory in public policy, business, law, education, medicine, and mental health. Alkon also hosts an award-winning weekly podcast, “HumanLab,” featuring luminaries of behavioral science, including Carol Tavris, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Scott Barry Kaufman and Roy Baumeister.

Alkon gives talks on applied science — how to use science to solve your problems and improve your life — and has written for, among others, Psychology Today, the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Times Magazine, the New York Daily News, and the New York Observer. Alkon has appeared on numerous national TV and radio shows in the US and Canada, including The Today Show, Anderson Cooper, Good Morning America, Nightline, Adam Carolla’s podcast, Politically Incorrect, Dennis Miller, CNN, and MTV.

Amy’s favorite TED talk is Steve Jobs’ “How To Live Before You Die,” which is not an actual TED talk, but is on the TED channel and which she finds enormously inspiring.

2016 Talk

The Surprising Self-Interest in Being Kind to Strangers

Most people would agree that being kind is the right thing to do, but few would evangelize that being kind to strangers is actually good for you. In her poignant and humorous talk, Amy shares life experiences and scientific research to make the world a kinder place and transform us from a society of strangers to a community of co-humans.