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TEDxManhattanBeach 2016 Speaker
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TEDxManhattanBeach: Ed Garnero


Ed Garnero

Professor of Geophysics

If Ed ruled the world, he would devote all his energy towards helping young people (and old) to cultivate their curiosity and creativity, and to promote equality.

Dr. Ed Garnero is a Professor at Arizona State University (ASU), where he teaches classes about the Earth and its interior, and with his team he actively researches topics relating to imaging the insides of the Earth and the Moon. With over 30 years of research experience, and over 100 published papers in peer reviewed scientific journals, Ed, along with his graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, use seismic waves from earthquakes to image the details of our deep planet.

Over the years, Ed’s work has been featured on a number of media outlets, including NPR, LiveScience.com, etc., as well as appearing in documentaries on the Discovery Channel and Live Science. Ed is an elected Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, the largest international organization of geophysicists. Fellows are identified as those scientists who have made important contributions to, and achieved eminence in Earth and Space sciences, as valued by their geophysics peers.

Ed received a BS from University of California, Berkeley, and a PhD from Caltech, both in geophysics. Ed is distinguished as a Faculty Exemplar at ASU, recognizing him as one of ASU’s finest teacher-scholars at the university. Ed also teaches geophysics classes with traditionally unscientific disciplines like drama and dance to reach a broader group of students and their understanding of the earth.

Born in California to a large family of Italian descent, Ed’s path towards science first included working in construction for his father, then playing electric bass 5 nights a week for about 5 years before going off to Berkeley. This musical background has often appeared in the course of his science career: seismology concerns vibrations in the Earth from earthquakes, which is not very dissimilar from vibrations in music from bass rumblings!

Ed’s favorite TED Talks are Richard Turere: My invention that made peace with lions and Linsey Pollak:  Carrot Clarinet.

2016 Talk

An Amazing Look into the Center of the Earth

It’s time to replace that static view of the earth you learned about in school. Ed takes us on a journey to the center of the earth and reveals a newly discovered, beautiful and dynamic view of the inside of our amazing earth.