TEDxManhattanBeach: Kenneth Dolin

Kenneth Dolin


If Ken ruled the world, he would immediately fire himself as ruler of the world. That way he’d have more time to devote to helping people, not ruling them.

Kenneth Dolin is a Los Angeles based portrait and headshot photographer. Over the last 12 years, he’s worked with a clientele that’s included multiple Emmy, Golden Globe and Academy Award nominees and winners. His work has been featured in People, Us Weekly, Angeleno, Beverly Hills Magazine, L.A. Stage and more. Entertainment Tonight called him, “the go-to guy for great headshots”.

Kenneth believes that while most people pose for the camera, it’s his job to get them to stop posing. He describes his process as being part photographer, part life coach, part clown and part provocateur. Prior to becoming a photographer, Kenneth was a commercial producer, associate creative director for ad agencies, and a working actor. When not shooting, Kenneth also coaches and mentor photographers and actors. He does not own a tie.

2016 Talk

The Tao of Portraits

Ken Dolin is a portrait photographer who sees parallels between portraiture and life. Believing “you are enough”, Ken urges us all to take off our masks when we are being photographed and in real life.