TEDxManhattanBeach: Per-Hakansson



Per Håkansson

If Per Håkansson ruled the world, he would dissolve all physical and political borders and boundaries.

Per Håkansson is a pioneering digital transformer, living and exploring the interface of technology, humanity and culture. His work help teams and organizations across the world to become successful in the era of exponential technology and cultural awakening.

Today Per splits his time between Mexico City, Silicon Valley and wherever his clients roam, to live different points of views through the experiences of multiple cultures and languages. He owns fewer than 100 things and chooses only to reside in Airbnb’s and to use sharing platforms.

Per’s favorite TED talk is Steve Jobs: How To Live Before You Die.

2016 Talk

Finding Humanity in The Cloud

What started out as a challenge to live in The Cloud, became a bigger search to answer some of life’s biggest questions. What is a home? What are relationships? What is work? Join Per as he shares his unconventional journey from technology to humanity.