Eduardo Briceno



Eduardo Briceño

Co-Founder & CEO, Mindset Works

If Eduardo ruled the world, he would foster schools as environments that promote questions, exploration, challenge, and creation.

An alumni speaker of TEDxManhattanBeach, Eduardo is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mindset Works. The global leader in growth mindset training. Mindset Works was founded by Eduardo, Carol Dweck Ph.D., Lisa Blackwell Ph.D., and other psychologists and educators to help people develop as motivated and effective learners.

Eduardo has spoken at numerous industry conferences for educators, school leaders, business executives, policy makers, and others. His highly-rated TEDxManhattanBeach talk on the growth mindset has been viewed by over 1.5 million people, and he has been featured in several publications and media platforms, including EdWeek, NPR, The Huffington Post, KQED MindShift, EdSurge, and others.

Prior to Mindset Works, Eduardo was an Education Pioneers Fellow at New Leaders, where he worked on programs to identify, document, and reward effective school leadership practices. Before that, he was a Principal at the Sprout Group, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley, where he spent five years as part of the technology investment team and served on several for-profit and non-profit boards.

Eduardo grew up in Caracas, Venezuela and received Bachelor degrees in Economics and Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, as well as an MBA and M.A. in Education from Stanford University. Most importantly, he continues to enjoy lifelong learning every day.

His favorite TED Talk is Dan Gilbert: The surprising science of happiness.

2016 Talk

When Performing Gets in the Way of Improving

Working hard but not improving? Looking for more innovative solutions and ideas? You are not alone. Eduardo explains how in life we move between the performing zone and the learning zone, and unless we find a way to successfully spend time in both zones, we compromise improvement and innovation.