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Rahul Sonnad

Serial Tech Entrepreneur

Rahul is co-founder and CEO of Tesloop, which offers a tokenized mobility platform for electric semi-autonomous vehicles and is revolutionizing the personal transportation system using a combination of blockchain, crypto-privacy and electric cars.

Rahul was previously an engineer at Adobe, prior to leading R&D for Asian versions of Microsoft Office. He founded his first startup, thePlatform in Seattle, which offered a backend video publishing system for large online services such as Hulu, Verizon and CBS. Comcast acquired the company for over $100m in 2006. Rahul’s next startup, Geodelic, offered a location based content service that was adopted by T-Mobile, Verizon, and Universal Studios Theme Parks.

He attended Harvard Business School’s MBA program, received a Masters in Computer Science and Japanese from the University of Washington, and studied anthropology at UPenn. In his spare time, Rahul plays comedic songs on the only ukulele ever autographed by Elon Musk.