2019 TALKS

Elizabeth English: How amphibious housing can save communities in flood zones

Jon Mar: Augmented Reality: Where art + tech = magic

Ethan Nahlinder: I share how I feel through my music

Wendy Troxel: How to sleep like your relationship depends on it

Shaily Mahendra: Bioremediation: How biology heals the earth naturally

Dale Bredesen: A precision approach to end Alzheimer’s Disease

Molly Carroll: The need for human connection and why it starts with ourselves

Sara Schulting Kranz: We need a new definition of forgiveness

Zahra Kassam: How to expand your baby’s potential with education from birth

Jenn Sherer: How to make sure our bones do their job so our muscles can relax

George Ban Weiss: How to cool cities, and explaining climate change through music