Videos From 2014 TEDxManhattanBeach Conference – Game Changers

On November 15th TEDxManhattanBeach presented 14 Game Changers who are changing attitudes, lives, workplaces, industries…and maybe even the world. We were awed by their incredible accomplishments and the way they changed our understanding of the world. They are innovators, entrepreneurs, break-through thinkers, and brilliant.

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Julia Horwitz – Spitting Out The Art in Your Mouth
Andrew Sokatch – Teaching Character: The Other Half of the Picture
Tim Shriver – Own It: Introducing the Dream Director
Patricia Galloway – Are Engineers Human?
Skip Rizzo – Virtual Reality Goes To War
James Pita – Playing Games to Change the World
Kai Kight – Composing Your World
Randy Palisoc – Math Isn’t Hard, It’s a Language
David Hochman – The Road to “Why Not Me?”
JD Roth – You Don’t See What I See
Grant Kirkpatrick – The Beauty Switch
Court Crandall – Learn To Be Happy
Suzanna Guzmán – Finding Happy
Linda Hudson – Exposing “The Selfie”
Grettel Fournell – Let’s Move!
“TEDxMB brings together leaders who are creating our future in exciting ways. The talks are accessible and applicable to everyone. You’ll enter with anticipation, and leave with enlightenment.”

Portia Cohen,
Former Mayor,
Manhattan Beach
“Nothing beats the buzz of a live TEDx event…mingling with a bunch of talented people and being inspired in your own home city!”

“TEDx is more than a conference…it is an experience! After attending 2012’s event my life will never be the same. My thinking about education and being a parent has done a complete 180. I left completely fulfilled — and to this day, I remain inspired.”

Shelby Weinstein
MB Parent

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