Sony believes emotion-reading games possible in ten years

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Original Post Sony’s executives believe that in ten years’ time, video games will have the ability to read more than just movement on the part of the player, the develop

Brain-training games are new exercise craze

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As a follow up to our recent event on video games Travis Grandy sent me this and I feel it is well worth sharing. Brain-training games are new exercise craze

Plastic Bag Ban

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On Thursday July 14, 2011 the California Supreme Court ruled that the City of Manhattan Beach does not have to complete an environmental review in order to ban retailers from

2011 Social Innovation Fast Pitch!

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If you have a Non-Profit that needs funding please consider this opportunity. Los Angeles Social Venture Partners is pleased to announce that the application period is now open for the

Transit Ideas for Los Angeles

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This video is a conceptual design response by Gensler Los Angeles to an open invitation by Sci-Arc, The Architect’s Newspaper and LA Metro to shift people from their cars to