TL Conversation: Carla Atwood Hartman

Carla Atwood Hartman: Come Add Your Voice to an Eames Card! How can we support imaginative children who can become the Eames’ of their generation? How can we include design

TL Conversation: Paulo Blikstein

Paulo Blikstein: One Fabrication Lab per School: the FabLab@School project Which are the subjects which can be cut back to make way for 21st century skills? How can we teach

TL Conversation: Barry Ptolemy

Barry Ptolemy Transcendent Man: a documentary about inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil How do we validate and promote the use of on-line open courseware? What should we be doing to

TL Conversation: Scott Doorley and Scott Witthoft

Scott Doorley and Scott Witthoft: Cultivating innovative behavior using design  How can design thinking promote innovation in schools? How do we design schools to encourage creativity? Learning? Teamwork? Posting Guidelines

TL Conversation: Karen Hunter Quartz

Karen Hunter Quartz: Empowering the student to be an independent learner How might it inspire kids to build an online “My Education” file (Bruin File)? How can pilot schools build