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Come early to explore the exhibit hall and enjoy breakfast. We have two scheduled times to explore the Exhibit Hall: 8-9am and 10:15-11:15am., and you can drop by at lunch or during the day.

Make Graffiti Art

Inspired by TEDxMB? Come express yourself and help create a community public art project with LA-based artist Aiseborn. Aiseborn will guide the TEDxMB community as we reflect on what TEDxMB means to us and how we imagine our future to be. We will use calligraphy to paint these words onto a large surface where Aiseborn will bring our thoughts, dreams and wishes alive with color and texture. The final art piece will be displayed at Mira Costa High School.

Everyone Deserves A Roof: EDAR

EDAR – Everybody Deserves A Roof. Experience the innovation that offers portable, functional housing, including a mattressed cot and storage in a tent with wheels that folds up and can be easily moved between locations. Learn about the scalable business model that aims to have EDARs available to everyone who needs one.

Experience 49:  Blues at ESMOA

ESMOA, our official TEDxMB art partner, will preview their newest installation, Experience 49: blue/s, a multi-sensory group exhibition that explores the color, temperature, influence and sound within the color blue and blues music. You’ll get a taste of the exhibit through sculpture, photography, painting, collage and soundscapes. blue/s is curated by Essence Harden, an independent curator and arts writer based in Los Angeles.

Richstone Family Center

Child abuse knows no cultural, educational, or income boundaries. Come learn how Richstone continues to be one of the most progressive centers for trauma-focused treatment and the prevention of child abuse in Los Angeles County.

Black Girls Surf

If you can’t see it, it’s hard to become it. Meet the surfers training for and competing in international surf competitions. They are diversifying the water and the international surf narrative.

TEDxMB Pop-up Bookstore: {Pages: a bookstore}

A Pop-Up tradition! Our beloved Manhattan Beach bookstore, {pages} a bookstore, will be at TEDxMB with an amazing selection of books by speakers, best-seller favorites, and their own interpretive selection of FUTURE REIMAGINED.

Protect The Girls!

After experiencing painful hits to the chest playing lacrosse, Mira Costa High School Student and Unstoppable CEO Taylor Ryan created the first-ever wearable, flexible, set of women’s breast protective cups. Stop by to see her award-winning Young Entepreneur Academy invention and learn more about how to protect the girls!

Say It On A Button

Take a moment and express yourself with ESMOA’s team. Find your voice while making art and send a message, love note or share thoughts when you design a colorful button (or more!) and add to a wonderful day at TedxMB.

Bite On It!

Learn how biting on a simple object can save lives during trauma – and how it can also increase your circulation.

Art/Sci @UCLA

Explore the invisible to the inaudible connecting nano to space with UCLA’s SciArt Lab + Studio, and experience the intersection of art and science.

BLAFit Raffle

Will you be a winner?! Stop by the BLAFit table and enter the raffle to win a BLAFit that helps excercise mouth and facial muscles.

I ❤️ You!

Spread the love on social media and take a selfie with one of five 6′ “Hearts for Richstone” spread across the TEDxMB Expo Center.

Big ☀️ Little🦶

Development and sustainability don’t have to be at odds. Come see speaker Russ Prentice’s solar generator that’s changing lives for the better in Africa.

Learning Comes To Life! MBEF Maker Space

When we learn with our eyes, ears, AND hands, learning comes to life! Put your hands to work and see why Maker Spaces are the highlight of students’ school week!

Fast Flight: The Aerospace Factory of the Future

A mindblowing definition of fast: Rockets are being built in 2 months – not the usual 2 years. Visit The Aerospace Factory of the Future exhibit and see how the largest metal 3D printer in the world makes that happen.

Face Yoga

Exercise your face! Discover how Face Yoga and healthy breath technique can help to align the jaw and pelvis and create balance in the nervous system. You’ll learn a few face yoga exercises and simple self care practices that can be done anywhere.

AP Art: MCHS Art Department

Discover stunning, original art by this year’s Mira Costa AP Art classes on display in the Café at the Expo Center.

TEDxMB Selfie Station

Your face just got bigger! Take a selfie with our strangely fascinating Big Face Boxes or spread the love with the “Hearts for Richstone.”

Makey Makey

It’s a TEDxMB tradition! The Mira Costa AP Computer Science students have wired up more out-of the-box experiences as they meld circuitry, coding, and art.

Ruben Rojas Murals Montage

Come experience a video montage of speaker Ruben Rojas’s work during the Expo breakout sessions. The antidote to media and societal messages that say we are not good enough — or enough, Ruben’s work reminds us that we are plenty. During Speaker Sessions, take a breather at the TEDxMB Lounge to see speaker talks livestreamed from the auditorium.

Free Chazz

Brought to you by ESMOA and created by Bernard Zuenkeler and FREETERS, you can customize and expand this board in any and all directions when you play this innovative take on checkers. Create and invent your own rules and break them as you like. Have fun!

Giant Jenga

Build a GIANT JENGA tower with the TEDx community and see how well it can stand as you remove blocks one by one.

Toy Blocks

Brought to you by ESMOA, you can experiment with color and form as you build a block masterpiece with hand-crafted, hand-painted cubes by artist Miriam Nolte and FREETERS. Experience the underlying laws of creative thinking, take a moment, relax, explore and play. Have fun!

The Waste Less Shop

Shop is a local refillery + zero waste store in Manhattan Beach whose mission is to curate sustainable home & body goods with an emphasis on ethical and environmental sourcing, quality, affordability, and female makers. This year for TEDxMB The Waste Less Shop will create a curated display highlighting the accessible and convenient sustainable swaps for your home, including kitchen and bath essentials. The home of the future is one where everyday essentials create a healthy and happy environment for you and for the planet.


Come experience the fun of playing African drums, taught by the drummers from the film, The Black Panther, and learn how West African drum and dance classes are the most fun you can have while changing brain function, improving educational outcomes, building communities and changing lives.

EVALI: Effects of Vaping

Stop by to learn about the pervasiveness of vaping in today’s youth and its health consequences. Mira Costa High School Senior, Joah Lee, advocates for vaping awareness and will share her research project in E-cigarette or vaping associated lung injury (EVALI).