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Frank Baxter
“We have the tools right now for broad, rapid, and sustainable improvement of K-12 education.” Frank Baxter
Frank has been an enlistee in the US Air Force, CEO of an Investment Bank, Ambassador to Uruguay and is a K-12 reform activist. More information.

Eduardo Briceño
“We now know how to ignite students’ desire to learn, ownership of their goals and effort toward achieving them.  Let’s empower them with a growth mindset.” Eduardo Briceño
Eduardo is the CEO of Mindset Works, an organization he co-founded with Carol Dweck, PhD. More information.

Clayton Cameron
“Everyone is born with rhythm, yours just might be a beautifully odd one.” Clayton Cameron
Born in Los Angeles, California, Clayton Cameron is known as a dynamic drummer who has also experimented with and perfected the art of brush technique. More information.

Jason Chua
“How far do you think we can drive today?” Jason Chua
Over the past four months SparkTruck, co-founded by Jason and Eugene, has traveled over 14,000 miles across 31 states on a journey to inspire prototyping and creative exploration among elementary and middle school kids. More information.

Shere Coleman
“The hand bone is connected to the brain bone.” Shere Coleman
Exhibiting fine artist for 35 years, Shere Coleman holds a BFA Painting and Masters in Education. She is currently a Spellbinder Storyteller in public schools. More information.

Court Crandall
“I raised my children in Manhattan Beach, but went to Compton to find their role models.” Court Crandall
You might not expect a journey that ended in Compton, California to begin in a Boston suburb, but that’s where Court Crandall was raised. More information.

Emma Doyle
“I hate school. I love baking.” Emma Doyle
Emma Doyle hates School! Emma is a sixth-grader with a special passion. While she enjoys playing the saxophone and painting, her real passion lies in baking and decorating cakes. She can’t wait to get to culinary school. More information.

John Hall
“The impossible is possible.” John Hall
John Hall is the author of “Am I Still Autistic: How a Low Functioning, Slightly Retarded Toddler Became the CEO of a Multi-Million Dollar Corporation.” He is a leader in the education management space and a trusted adviser to university presidents across the country. More information.

Michael Horn
“Our education system is built to measure and reward the wrong end of the student.” Michael Horn
Michael’s life changed when he had the opportunity to take a class from Clayton Christensen at the Harvard Business School. He went on to write a book with him, Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the World Learns. More information.

Eugene Korsunskiy
“If we can help kids think of themselves as people that can make anything, we can help them think of themselves as people that can do anything.” Eugene Korsunskiy
This summer, he spent four months on the road with SparkTruck, a project to promote “buildy” confidence through tinkering. More information.

Jack McManus
“If we don’t teach our children well, someone else will teach them poorly.” Jack McManus
Jack McManus is a co-founder and director of the Ed.D. program in Educational Technology and served four years as program director. More information.

Barbara Patterson
“The most powerful strategy for success, is not a strategy – it’s a space.” Barbara Patterson
By listening to my own wisdom and following those inner promptings I have journeyed around the world, and lived across the US, Africa and in Paris. More information.

John Ratey
“It’s time to put Childish Things Aside. Time to get serious about Play and Exercise.” John Ratey
John Ratey is an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and has a private practice in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1986, he founded the Boston Center for the Study of Autism, and in 1988 he founded a new study group of the American Psychiatric Association focused on the study of aggressive behavior. More information.

Lainie Rowell
“Students are our most valuable and abundant resource in education.” Lainie Rowell
Lainie’s focus is on engaging learners and providing students with opportunities to become part of a global community where they can collaborate with others and develop critical thinking skills. More information.

David Seidel
“They seem to be collecting all the data they can, hoping that some sort of research question will eventually break out.” David Seidel
David Seidel relies on his past experience as a former classroom science teacher and planetarium director to help align NASA’s aerospace science and technology with classroom curriculum and the National Science Education Standards. More information.

Karl Schaffer
“Put your books away; push the desks aside; let’s warm up. It’s time to do mathematics.” Karl Schaffer and Erik Stern
Karl Schaffer has combined his extensive background in dance, along with his Ph.D. in mathematics. He is Co-Artistic Director of Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble. More information.

Erik Stern
“Put your books away; push the desks aside; let’s warm up. It’s time to do mathematics.” Erik Stern and Karl Schaffer
Erik Stern combines his dance experience with science. He is Co-Artistic Director of Dr. Schaffer and Mr. Stern Dance Ensemble. More information.

Toni Yancey
“What’s good for the waistline, is good for the bottom line.” Toni Yancey
Toni Yancey, a professor in the Health Services Department at the University of California, Los Angeles, has worked for years on developing programs to motivate people to get up and move. More information.