Title:  Mindsetter

Media: Mindset, by Carol Dweck: www.mindsetonline.com/

Web: Mindset Works


Favorite Books:Mindset by Carol Dweck

The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin

Your Brain at Work by David Rock

Getting Things Done by David Allen

Quote:  We now know how to ignite students’ desire to learn, ownership of their goals and effort toward achieving them.  Let’s empower them with a growth mindset.

My Story:  Eduardo re-discovered the joy of learning during his teenage years, when his family moved from Caracas, Venezuela to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and he landed in a foreign land, with different customs and a great school.  Since then, learning has been a central source of joy and fulfillment.

Eduardo went on to earn B.S. in Economics and B.S. in Chemical Engineering degrees at UPenn, and later MBA and M.A. in Education degrees at Stanford.  Most important, he continues to love learning outside school, and keeps a large personal repository of lessons learned, knowing that otherwise he will remember less than 20% of what he deems important, and finding the process of writing things down to be helpful.

After college, Eduardo worked in investment banking, and later in venture capital, enjoying interacting with many people and being exposed to innovation and change initiatives in a variety of industries.  He served in non-profit and for-profit boards, including Akimbo Systems, Aurora Networks, KIPP Heartwood Academy and Start Up.

After his wife became a public school teacher, and once he met her students and their families, Eduardo was bit by the education bug, and has since devoted his life to helping create life opportunities for children.  He likes collaborating with peers, teachers and students around making sense of the world and supporting one another to lead more fulfilling lives.

Eduardo now serves as the CEO of Mindset Works, an organization he co-founded with Carol Dweck, Ph.D., Lisa Blackwell, Ph.D., and others to equip people with the core beliefs and learning strategies needed for success.  Together with his fellow mindsetters, he helps schools throughout the U.S. and abroad build learner capacity by instilling growth mindset beliefs and practices in students, teachers and the broader community.

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