Talk Title: DO U

Robert Gilliam gets the session started with the high-energy rhythms of urban dance. Robert describes his journey from practicing dance alone in his garage, to receiving classical training and developing his unique choreographic voice, combining influences from his childhood in Watts with his work in diverse communities around the world.

About The Speaker

Robert Gilliam, known for elaborate spectacles of fusion choreography, combines contemporary and classical movement with passion and color. Gilliam spent four years in Asia choreographing a touring hip-hop show. He worked in Brazil, Spain, England, Trinidad and Chile. His experiences abroad fostered an appreciation for the world’s people and traditions and inspire his artistry Gilliam, a native of Los Angeles, is dedicated to contributing to the community that nurtured him. Growing up in Watts gave him the experience of inner-city strife. He knows how important it is to have a mentor and an escape. He found dance. He believes children hold the key to the purpose of life, and he assists children in believing this for themselves.