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Jenn Sherer

Back Pain

A low-back injury at age 18 launched Jenn into a two-decade struggle with pain. By age 39, her repertoire of pain extended to her knees, shoulders, neck and feet, as well as added symptoms of inflexibility, weakness, and limited range of motion. Just six months after her new practice, which has evolved to be called “Spinefulness,” Jenn was essentially pain free.

Today Jenn feels younger and stronger than she did two decades ago. She’s passionate about having others discover the potential of wellness at any age, and she continues to research and further the study of Spinefulness. She loves giving others hope and helping them unwind their bodies by understanding the physics of their flesh and bone.

Jenn has a B.S. in Product Design Engineering from Stanford University and is a student of anatomy and the mystical and more esoteric spiritual aspects of the spine. She also enjoys golf, dancing, and sailing.