Marla Zaslansky

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Marla Zaslansky

Believer In Human Potential 

Marla Zaslansky believes in credit for competency. Marla is an active advocate for education reform who leverages a versatile background in education, entertainment, marketing, and business to create innovative solutions. Her ability to think holistically and inspire action has resulted in dramatically shifting the course of nonprofits and for-profit companies alike.

Marla dreams big, and she delivers results. Currently, her dream is to shift the education system from an “age and stage” siloed one into a lifelong eco-system that assigns a value to competency, knowledge, talent, and experience — turning competency into currency.

With inspirations like the The Wizard of OZ novel and 12-year-old Thomas Suarez’s TED talk, Marla predicts that there will be a comprehensive education and training system in the country that makes sense.