Mary Lee

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Mary Lee

Connectivity Scientist

Mary Lee has seen the future and it is ‘The Internet of Bodies’ which promises to connect our brain and body to the Internet. She believes these devices will become more and more popular in the future and are going to change our lives, from medical care to human performance. Mary led a research project on the Internet of Bodies outlining the benefits and risks of these technologies, with recommended policy solutions to balance the risks and rewards.

Mary is a mathematician at the RAND Corporation and inaugural Fellow for the RAND Center for Global Risk and Security. Her research interests include mathematical modeling and simulation of complex systems in the areas of defense/aerospace, cyber policy, health care, and chronic diseases. Projects at RAND also include analyzing communications technologies for the Air Force, creating simulation tools to help inform cyber security policies, and understanding the energy balance in obesity and the development of diabetes. Lee received her PhD and MS in mathematics from UC Irvine and BA in applied mathematics from UC Berkeley. Her dissertation research focused on mathematical modeling of cancer growth and metabolism.

In Mary’s future reimagined, your smart clothing will read your mood, sending videos and advertisements to you through your smart contact lenses.