Maryam Bakhtiyari

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Dr. Maryam Bakhtiyari

Stress Reliever

Maryam Bakhtiyari, DDS, is passionate about giving people beautiful smiles and healthy jaw placement through functional orthodontics.  Throughout her practice, she has witnessed patients suffering stress to the body caused by TMJ and Sleep Apnea.  By creating proper jaw placement, patients enjoy better breathing, sleep, circulation, digestion, and fewer headaches.

Dr. Maryam is the first woman in the world to become a Diplomate of the International Board of Orthodontics, placing her in the top 10% of practicing orthodontists in the world. Her non-invasive treatment of TMJ, Sleep Apnea, teeth crowding, migraines and childhood movement issues have earned her a devoted following. Dr. Maryam is also the founder of BLAfit®, a facial exercise device which trains facial muscles that have become lax with age, for a rejuvenated facial outline, jawline and fuller lips.

Maryam’s prediction for the future is that every elementary school implements an airway and TMJ screening to go with their usual hearing and vision tests to prevent childhood TMJ, sleep apnea, ADHD, and movement disorders. Her favorite book is The Dental Physician by Aelred Fonder and her favorite TED Talk is “The mind behind Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity … Elon Musk”.