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Paul Silva

Master of Ceremonies

Paul Silva grew up in Hermosa Beach, graduating from Mira Costa in 1980 and UCLA in 1984. In 1985, he was hired as a cub reporter for The Beach Reporter. He had never written for a newspaper before so he submitted college essays to apply for the job. Somehow, he got hired by the paper’s founder, Richard Frank.

Paul worked at the paper for seven years, eventually becoming the managing editor, covering everything from the first wave of mansionization to the McMartin trial. He left to start his own newspaper in the West San Fernando Valley which failed spectacularly.

Paul then embarked on a career in corporate communications and public relations, working for Mattel, Unocal, two hospitals and an HMO. Even during the years when he wasn’t a full-time employee, he continued to write a column for The Beach Reporter.

After 15 years, Paul rejoined the staff as publisher in 2007. He left The Beach Reporter for a second time in July of 2013 to tackle another challenge in corporate communications, but he continues to write the column. At some point next year, the paper will publish his 1,000th column.

For 25 years, Paul has been married to a Manhattan Beach girl, the former Kim Braskin, who also graduated from Mira Costa. They live in Manhattan Beach with their two sons, who both graduated from Mira Costa. Jeremy attends The University of Tampa as an exercise science major and Ben is a recent Harvard Graduate where he was the head writer of the Harvard Lampoon.

Paul’s favorite TED talk is: “A kinder, gentler philosophy of success” by Alain de Botton