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Peter Samuelson

Shelter Builder

Peter Samuelson believes that a society where old ladies sleep on concrete sidewalks is unworthy of us, so he developed Everyone Deserves A Roof (EDAR) — an affordable, portable, functioning house that consists of a tent on wheels with a mattressed cot and storage to help combat homelessness in a safe and humane way.

Peter is a serial pro-social entrepreneur. Almost four decades ago he co-founded the Starlight Children’s Foundation, and a decade later he started Starbright World, co-founded with Steven Spielberg.  In 2005 he founded EDAR, and in 2013 he launched ASPIRE — the Academy for Social Purpose in Responsible Entertainment.

Peter has also produced twenty-six films and raised four children. Educated at Cambridge and the Anderson School of Management at UCLA, Peter resides in Los Angeles with his wife Saryl, and predicts that in the future, a high proportion of our urban unhoused will have the human right, the blessing and the basic necessity of a roof.