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Thank You to All Our Sponsors for Your Support and Energy!

Please support our forward-thinking sponsors — we couldn’t have TEDxManhattanBeach without them!

Sponsor: Manhattan Beach Education Foundation

Sponsor: City of Manhattan Beach

Sponsor: Manhattan Beach Unified School District

Sponsor: ActiveBooth

Sponsor: Beanfields

Sponsor: Body Glove Water Filtration Systems

Sponsor: California Wellness Foundation

Sponsor: Cappucino Man

Sponsor: The Curry Girls Kitchen


Sponsor: Downtown Manhattan Beach Farmers Market

Sponsor: Elemental Superfoods

Sponsor: Grades of Green

Sponsor: Grow

Sponsor: Hawthorn Suites

Sponsor: Honest Tea

Sponsor: Ignited

Sponsor: Images

TEDxManhattanBeach: Exhibit Hall

Sponsor: Just Chill

TEDxManhattanBeach: Exhibit Hall

Sponsor: MailChimp

Sponsor: Makey Makey

Sponsor: Manhattan Bread & Bagel

Sponsor: MBUSD Campus Cafe

TEDxManhattanBeach: Exhibit Hall

Sponsor: Quest Nutrition

Sponsor: Slack

Sponsor: Somersaults

Sponsor: Spicy Mo's

TEDxManhattanBeach: Exhibit Hall

TEDxManhattanBeach: Exhibit Hall

Sponsor: Tarte Yogurt


Sponsor: UCode

Sponsor: Water Inc.

Sponsor: Whole Foods

Sponsor: Winnar Group