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Watch Some of Our Favorite TEDx Talks!

If you want to get a sense of what being at a TEDx event is like, the closest thing is watching a video (but being there in person is a much more explosive feeling).

Pooja Nagpal
How One Teen Said No To Gender-Based Violence

Eduardo Briceno
The Power of Belief — Mindset and Successes

Randy Palisoc
Math Isn’t Hard, It’s a Language

Patricia Galloway
Are Engineers Human?

Nidhi Kalra
What if? The key to making good decisions

Skip Rizzo
Virtual Reality Goes To War

Teo Alfero
When Wolves and Human Meet…Again

Julia Greer
Nanotechnology: When Less is More

Suzanna Guzmán
Finding Happy

Court Crandall
Learn To Be Happy

Andrew Sokatch
Teaching Character: The Other Half of the Picture

Julia Horwitz
Spitting Out The Art in Your Mouth

Danny Zuker
Producer, Writer Modern Family

Gautam Ramdurai
Google Engineer

Brent Bushnell + Eric Gradman
Two Bit Circus

David Benoit
My Unconventional Journey to Successe